15 June, 2022

Travelling to Mozambique

When travelling is impossible, we can always daydream about any holiday destination we desire. Lucky for us, we were invited with friends on a real trip to a private island off the coast of Mozambique. It sounds like an idyllic dream, yet here we were, floating on noodles in the sea or chilling next to the pool with a glass filled with bubbly.

We guys went fishing a few times – even though we had a few miss-hits, we caught beautiful yellowfin tuna and wahoo. The chef treated us to sashimi, grilled fish, freshly caught crayfish, prawns and the most delicious fishcakes – catch of the day onto our plates!

On 26 May we celebrated international Chardonnay Day on the island and enjoyed a bottle of my Cluster Chardonnay 2020 next to the fire.

With our batteries recharged and our tummies a little rounder, we are now back home, reminiscing about the time on the island. The first chance we got to invite friends over, we grabbed the opportunity to cook something fishy. We found an exquisite creamy white wine, caper and herb fish pie recipe in the latest issue of Taste Magazine (shared below) which paired well with my Focal Point Chardonnay 2019. You can order both these Chardonnays directly from me to enjoy at home.

With the holiday over and winter rolling in as we speak, we hope you are well and ready for the second half of the year.

May your dreams continue to travel, even if it is just with us, through good food and wine – goodbye until next!

Arco Laarman

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