14 October, 2022

Travelling to Italy

And just like that, we will celebrate Christmas in just over two months. Where did this year go? We’ve had a rough time the last few months and got a bit silent on social media and communication. Typical of us as human beings, when you start speaking up about your troubles, you learn that you are not alone. We found 2022 has not been an easy year for many people in various ways and, like so many times before, this puts your own troubles in the far less concerning category.

With the arrival of spring, there is always the promise of new life, regrowth and rejuvenation. September was Madeleine’s birthday month and seeing that it’s her biggest dream to travel to Italy, for now I will take her there with food. We recently had lunch at our local Italian Deli – with delicacies like antipasto, Caprese salad and Veal Limone, ciao Bella, what a feast it was! One of our favourite ingredients in many Italian foods are Fennel Sausage. Fabio treated us with a fennel sausage & bean casserole – it paired beautifully with my Cluster Series Cabernet Sauvignon. We have included a recipe for fennel sausage below. Use it as mince, make it into patties or stuff it in sausage casing – meatballs, Ragu or lovely pasta sauce, basic but absolutely delicious.

It is now time to take a deep breath and spend some time on your regrowth and skills to survive the next few months with Christmas tinsel already on the shelves. Pour a nice glass of wine and a lot of love into yourself!

Arco Laarman

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