29 March, 2022

Travelling to Greece

With most of the harvest activities completed, we have extra time for socialising again – we still don’t want to cook anything too complicated, yet super flavourful. Although we still have lovely summer days, the feel of autumn is in the air! Autumn is one of our favourite seasons with the change of colour all around, especially in the selection of foods. From the deep orange colour of carrots, crimson red of beetroot, burgundy-violet of fresh figs to the brownish-purple of eggplant or the green of spinach.

These colours are also a good reflection of the recent harvest. As I mentioned, harvest is nearly completed and all that is left is cellar work – my chardonnay barrels are filled, primary fermentation completed and topped-up. I am busy with pump-overs on the reds – the pressing of these tanks will start soon. Not only is this a real treat for my senses to see the colours and smell the aromas of the fruits, but it’s a fantastic experience to be part of this transformation from grapes to delicious wines.

For our recent get-together with friends, we took them on a journey with my Focal Point Chardonnay to Greece at the lunch table! Pale gold in colour with hints of green, firm structure and long lingering aftertaste, this was the perfect companion for our long lazy lunch with flavours of oregano, mint, garlic, onion, dill, cumin, coriander and cucumber.

We started with hummus, pita bread and a spread of colourful fresh vegetables as a snack – followed by pork and chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki and greek salad in wraps and finished with a lemon bougatsa served with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Follow the links to the recipes.

With a belly filled with great food and laughs, we again realised that friends at the table adds the true colour and flavour to our daily lives! And we hope to get a chance to do the same with all of you soon.

Arco Laarman

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