2 December, 2021

The One About 2021

Few can say the last year was just smooth sailing, but then again, I guess there are always the ‘glass-half-full people that see possibility when others are down and out. Elton John, for one! Look at him reinventing himself with the release of his new album ‘Lockdown Sessions’.

After numerous liquor sale lockdowns, the South African wine industry was definitely treated with a cold, cold heart, resulting in R7 billion direct income losses. And then the ongoing global logistics nightmare continues to create havoc for exporting wine and importing goods at an astronomical cost. Between load shedding and an increase in fuel prices, the glass feels rather pretty empty.

If there’s one thing we know – what does not kill you makes you stronger. As South Africans, we know, when disaster strikes, communities stand together. I received (and continue to do so) fantastic support from export markets and local campaigns like #savesawine. The #savesawine campaign created the much-needed awareness and help to spread the word. Mother Nature gave her full support, and we had an excellent winter with the necessary cold units achieved. With dams filled to the brim after the rainy season, we have plenty of water to get us to harvest 2022 – which we suspect will be two weeks later than in 2021.

I am excited about 2022 and the opportunities it can bring! Support to the tourism industry with swallows returning, hospitality bookings booming, restaurants grilling, wine flowing, and of course, the childlike excitement of perhaps more travelling in the New Year.

So 2021, you gave it your best shot, but you did not get the better of us yet!

And over to Elton John for the last word while we dance into 2022!

‘Don’t you know that I’m still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
I’m still standing after all this time
Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind
I’m still standing (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’m still standing (Yeah, yeah, yeah).’

May your festive menus be delicious and your wine glasses full of delicious wines. Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours!

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